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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Black rustic glut on a wet night.

After the failure of night-time cloudy skies to appear last Friday (with a consequent paucity of moths), the forecast for last night was cloud in plenty - but unfortunately accompanied by heavy rain.
Nevertheless, I placed my actinic on the flat roof and wondered what would be turning up in the torrential showers.
This morning I was greeted by black rustics galore, with 17 in total - probably the most I`ve caught in one trap, accompanied by a quite modest mix of of other autumn moths such as large ranunculus, sallow and pink-barred sallow.
                                                                Above: black rustic.
                                                          Above: large ranunculus.
                                                              Above: pink-barred sallow.
....working through various backlogs - next `moth task`, to enter my Moth Night results!


  1. Looks like Pink-barred Sallow as it has a pinkish front to the thorax.

    That's a lot of Black Rustics!

  2. It does n`t look like one - it IS one! I was actually thinking that possibility yesterday morning after posting and had meant to check, but a contractor came to do some support work on the slumping side of my excavated new parking that`s a complicated excuse, is n`t it!
    Actually just silly me! - thanks George. I`ll modify the caption.