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Monday, 12 October 2015

Back in the Fold

I returned on Saturday from a 10-day break in France, during which time I saw ONE moth (a 20 Plume), so it was nice to illuminate the homestead over the last two nights in the hope of seeing a few more.  The results weren't exactly staggering, but clearly there have been some changes here since late September, the Sallows seem to have departed to be replaced by Epirrita species, Yellow-line Quakers and Black Rustics.  No Green-brindled Crescents yet, but there was a Merveille du Jour in the trap this morning and a Brown-spot Pinion came to the porch light on Saturday night.  Even though Sam posted a photo of a Dingestow B-s P recently I am following suite in case photographic evidence is required on account of the apparent scarcity of the moth in VC44.


  1. Oddly I have had no Brown Spot Pinions yet here.

  2. Keep trying Sally, there must be some around.