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Sunday, 11 October 2015

A quieter night (Saturday 10/10/15).

As noted already in my last blog, I only put out three small `mobile actinics` last night - two at Dafen (in E. Llanelli), and the third at Machynys on the Llanelli coast.
One of the Dafen traps was placed below some planted amenity willows (Salix alba etc) and a damp grassland area and this was the trap that had the most moths as it was the most sheltered site with a a canopy of trees overhead (but only < 10 species).
The other Dafen trap - on a diminishing (it is actively being built on) brownfield site only had two moths - one each of a large yellow underwing and a large ranunculus. The Machynys trap site (another `open` locality) was almost as poor, but it included a November moth agg., a species that I`d also noted the previous night at Cilymaenllwyd.

Above: a large ranunculus, placed on a discarded `off-cut` piece of timber at the active development site at Dafen. My previous recent photo of this species was on a lump of concrete, where it blended in so well, you could hardly see it!
                                                    Above: November moth agg.
Above: one species that I had quite a few (8) of (at the `Dafen willow/wetland site`) was the sallow, several of which are shown above to demonstrate the variability. The one at the bottom right resembles a pink-barred sallow (of which I had two) but it has a yellow head, so it is a sallow - also see photo below:

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  1. I also trapped on Saturday and similarly unsuccessful it was, too, only adding Green Carpet x 2, Green-brindled Crescent x 3, a Silver Y and a Pinion-streaked Snout to Friday's list.