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Monday, 21 September 2015

Two common micros in SN71

Among the huge total of moths caught on Saturday (five; just five!) in the portable actinic which I carried  a few hundred yards up the hill from Cwmllwyd and into SN71, there were just two micros. I show these for ID confirmation, if anyone could be so kind. Many thanks.

Epinotia ramella? 

 Epinotia tenerana Nut Bud Moth?

Whereas today, back at base, we were visited by this -

Amblyptilia  acanthadactyla Beautiful Plume?

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  1. Sadly there's not much blog activity about just now Steve, so questions may remain unanswered, but for what it's worth your Epinotia ramella and Beautiful Plume look good to me, not so sure about the E.tenerana because the images I've seen have darker features than yours, but nonetheless it seems a very likely candidate.