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Friday, 11 September 2015

Thursday 10 Sept 2015 (moth night @ Cwmllwyd)

I trapped in the alder grove last night and will do so again tomorrow, but not tonight as we are expecting heavy rain up here.

So far, 71 moths of 36 species have come to the party - no migrants and no rare beasts, although Devon Carpet, Oblique Carpet and Blue-bordered Carpet were obliging less common species. FFYs were a trio of Sallow spp. (Centre-barred, Pink-barred and just plain Sallow), a Copper Underwing, Hedge Rustic and Ypsolopha parenthesella x 3, along with their cousin the Honeysuckle Moth (already recorded this year).


 Centre-barred Sallow (not in its natural habitat, but terrific camouflage)

 Ypsophola parenthesella

Copper Underwing

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  1. Nice photos - especially the `sallow comparison` shot (a really good idea!). I won`t be trapping tonight - it`s going to be too wet overnight and I`m far too tired. I`m sure that the strong easterlies will bring good moths to E England and perhaps beyond. The only migrants I had last night were silver y`s, dark sword-grass and rusty dot pearl.