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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Strange Footman

In the run-up to NMN I put an actinic trap out last night and left the porch light on.  The latter attracted 10 Brimstone Moths and 4 Garden Carpets, otherwise the total catch contained singles or doubles of 14 other species including Feathered Gothic, Canary-shouldered Thorn, Centre-barred Sallow and Purple Bar.  One oddity, however, concerns a Footman, which was resting on the ground near the trap and narrowly avoided being stepped on:

The occurrence of this moth is odd because (a) it's late in the year for any of the Footmen, and (b) it's a very small specimen, forewing length 13-14mm.  Unless it's an import, it surely must be a Common Footman from its shape, although the hind wings appear to be pale grey.  Can anyone come up with an alternative?


  1. I would say it looks like a Buff Footman, but wait for an expert!

  2. I probably would have said buff footman too.

  3. You're probably both right, I hadn't thought Buff because they're not common here (none this year to date), the ones I've had previously have been quite large, the last one photographed was f/w 17mm, and Jon's 2006 & 2008 Annual Reports give a 'last seen' date in late August. Perhaps it's a late-emerging runt!