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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Mountain Greenery

Anyone remember Mel Torme? He was No.4 in the UK charts in 1956 with "Mountain Greenery!"

32 moths of 15 species came to the MV trap at Cwmllwyd last night; only one FFY - Bordered Beauty - but one species that had been seen (after overwintering) earlier in the year (6 May) was also found again:

Autumn Green Carpet

We have been fortunate to find these in three consecutive years at Cwmllwyd. There's plenty of alder, rowan and sallow here for them and they seem to like a bit of altitude, too. They must be breeding here, I think.


  1. I wasn't born in 1956 :-) .....nice moths though

  2. Yes I remember Mel Torme, I had a flat-mate who was a fan. There's a whole range of his music available on Amazon MP3, I've just listened to a snippet of 'Mountain Greenery'. Very nostalgic! Moths of any colour are in short supply here.