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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Moth Night at Cnwc-y-Llwyn

It looks as though Ian's weather predictions put off the Carms moth'ers from trapping on Friday night.  This is a pity, as the warm, damp conditions were pretty ideal for moths, although trapping in the rain is difficult.  The MV in our garage door produced 127 moths of 41 species, including Lime-speck Pug new for the Brechfa area.  The trap itself held remarkably little of interest, and virtually all of the more notable moths were in the grass in the garage entrance: these were Acleris rhombana, Epinotia ramella, Copper Underwing, a late Rosy Footman, 2 Satin Beauty, 1 Dark Swordgrass, Dark Marbled Carpet, Gold-spot, 1 Anomalous and multiple Autumnal Rustic, Hedge Rustic, Pink-barred Sallow and Small Wainscot.  It wasn't a vintage trapping session, but 40+ species in September is pretty good.

Acleris rhombana and Epinotia ramella

Lime-speck Pug new for Brechfa and Anomalous

Gold-spot and a presumed 2nd generation Rosy Footman
A well-disguised Satin Beauty and a less hidden Dark Marbled Carpet

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