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Friday, 11 September 2015

Moth night at Cilycwm

Only 15 species here. Some questions - is this a hornet? I had 4 of them!

Is one or both of these a Hedge rustic? I think the one on the left is but the one on the right seems different?
Small phoenix??
 This gold spot was lovely.
Otherwise I recorded:brimstone. dusky, carnary shouldered and September thorns, setaceous hebrew character, autumnal rustic, rosy rustic, dark arches, lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing, large yellow underwing, centre barred sallow, dingy footman.



  1. Hi Isabel; your twins are both Hedge Rustic, I think - I had one last night (FFY for me). I've not seen a hornet for years; yours reminded me of an old folk rhyme:

    "A hornet sat on a 'oller tree,
    A nasty, spiteful twud were 'ee."

    I think that Small Phoenix is correct, too.

  2. Your hornet record is really first class - well done. Good to know that they`re in SN74. Glad too that you had a relatively successful moth night and that you took the opportunity to trap last night (as it`s heavy rain tonight). I had 5 traps out last night but quite mediocre catches, though one tortricid looks good (but an early morning/very provisional/very tired i/d! -to be re-checked). I`ll do my Moth Night/s blog early next week.
    Saturday night looks ok`ish - I`ll be repeat trapping (in SN50) and at home) and I`d encourage others to do the same.

  3. Also, go into `records archive` (on right-hand of blog page) and click on Sept 2013, then scroll down to c.20th Sept, where you`ll see some notes on the hornet in Carms.

  4. Thanks both. I had to take the day off for a funeral in Somerset this afternoon so had some time to check the trap this morning instead of rushing off to work. The hornets were very docile (well it was 6:30 a.m.) and I was prodding it about to get it in the right position to photograph!