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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Median Farm again

Another visit to Median Farm produced a few more bits and pieces.  I'm looking forward to inputting all these records at the end of the year and working out a bit of a list for this important site.  A breeze made for poor conditions today, and sweeping produced almost nothing (1 Mompha epilobiella swept from a ditch filled with Willowherbs), whilst tapping the leaward side of willows was almost as unproductive (1 Phyllonorycter hilarella).  Sheltered areas held a Mother of Pearl and a couple of Bactra, as well as an Acleris laterana.  Mines included the uncommon Bucculatrix cidarella on Alder and vacated Bohemannia pulverosella on Apple.  Not a vintage lunchbreak, but a few additions.




  1. Yes, I'll look forward to seeing the site list come the winter. Day fliers (esp. micros) will be well represented thanks to your lunchtime efforts, but there's still not much trapping been done, especially late in the year.

  2. Yes, haven't managed to get back but maybe some autumn trapping might be on the cards.