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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Look out for Volucella zonaria.....

Not a moth, but now`s the time to keep an eye out for the large wasp/hornet mimic hoverfly Volucella zonaria, a species that has only started to colonise SW Wales in the last few years. The one shown was seen yesterday (3/9) by Veronica Haines in her garden, along the road from me here at Pwll, Llanelli, feasting at ivy blossom. I`ve not personally seen this imposing hoverfly and, very unfortunately, I lost my clump of flowering ivy a couple of years back, when a neighbour severely pruned its growth on an intervening old stone wall - it does not grow back, coppice-style, if pruned hard - so be warned! Such clumps of flowering ivy are also, of course, really good for daytime sightings of red admirals, commas and also moths by night - so treasure any flowering ivy clumps if you have them and visit at night, torch in hand, as you may see an interesting migrant moth.

                                         Above: Volucella zonaria, photo: Veronica Haines.

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