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Friday, 4 September 2015

For information - a reminder: Moth Night 2015

For information, late next week will see the annual Moth Night, taking place on Thurs 10th- Sat 12th September, with a theme of `migrant moths`. I hope that the current cold northerlies will have stopped by then and fortunately, checking the long-term forecast, southerlies are predicted. Please try to trap on one or all of those dates and daytime records can also be used. It`s very important that you submit your records via the online data submission system which can be found at and additionally please pass on your records at the end of the season (together with any other 2015 records) to the Carmarthenshire County Moth Recorder, Sam Bosanquet. If you do catch anything noteworthy on one of the Moth Nights, please either post a note on this blogsite or let Sam and/or me know by email (one of us will inform the other of anything interesting).
Please do try to take part, to help ensure decent coverage for our county. I`ll also be emailing potential Carmarthenshire moth-ers over the next few days as a reminder.

Above: if you are lucky, you may catch the beautiful Palpita vitrealis with its tranluscent wings. This individual was caught at Pwll last year.

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