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Friday, 11 September 2015

Buttoned Snout

OK - it wasn't in Carms I'm afraid, but this Buttoned Snout was highlight of 20 minutes torch-netting at Dingestow Court (Monmouthshire) on Thursday night.

poor pix because the Buttoned Snout was desperate to hide as soon as I released it,
the only photographable place being on my shirt

We're back in Brechfa for the weekend so my MV is on, but it's hard to know whether the rain and SE winds will combine to give a good haul of migrants or nothing at all.  I'll post tomorrow.  Also, Fay is running traps at Keepers' in Brechfa Forest on Saturday night and opening them on Sunday morning, so I'll be attending the opening at 07:00ish.

Our Broadband at Dingestow has been off for 8 weeks now thanks to the incompetence of BT, hence the general email silence.

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