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Saturday, 1 August 2015

summer mining and Longhorn Beetles

Brief stops on the way to my in-laws in Gwernogle produced mines of Stigmella lapponica (photo; contrast the linear frass with Ian's photo from a couple of days ago), S. continuella and Ectoedemia minimella on Birch, and Bohemannia pulverosella (photo) on Apple.

Far more exciting was my first ever Four-banded Longhorn Beetle (Leptura quadrifasciata; Notable b), which Bea's cousin Rufus spotted in the garden and brought to me with a calm "I've found another Longhorn Beetle".  This is the second Longhorn we've seen in two days, both of which were new species for me (despite nearly 10 years of off & on recording of Cerambycidae), the other being the even rarer Red Longhorn Beetle (Stictoleptura rubra) which we found at NBGW on Friday.



  1. Well done Sam! There`s only one other Leptura (as it was known previously) rubra record in Carms, from another old estate - Parc Dinefwr, Llandeilo. One (a female) was found by SA Day on 28.8.2001 and confirmed by me; it was Mr Day who also first brought my attention to the presence of hornets at that site. Strangalia quadrifasciata is less rare, but extremely local and `thin on the ground` - I`ve had it a few localities over the years. Many longhorns are scarce/local/rare in Carms - there`s actually one species I`ve only had once near you at Cnwc - at Abergorlech in late May 1995 - Asemum striatum.

  2. I think there are only about a dozen records of rubra from the more intensively watched Glamorgan. I've only ever seen it once, on an industrial estate in Swansea, though quadrifasciata pops up a little more frequently, but is still pretty scarce here. Longhorns are always exciting insects to find.