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Monday, 17 August 2015

Recent Ffos Las sightings

For some reason best known to itself blogger, or my computer, will no longer let me download photos on to my posts, so I am now stuck as far as asking for help in identifying moths that I have seen.   I have 3 that I wanted assistance with.  Help!!!!!!  I shall probably end up emailing the couple of moth-ers whose email addresses I know for assistance in identification.

I have only seen one clouded yellow so far this summer (2/8) and it didn't settle so I don't have a photo to post even if I could.  The second generation of common blues are occurring in good numbers and the second generation of wall brown are starting to appear: 2 seen on 6/8 and 2 on 13/8.

The 5-spot burnet moths have seen a dramatic decline over the past couple of years.  In 2013 the air was thick with them buzzing around and smothering the vetches in particular.  There were fewer but still plenty last year, but very few this year.  There were also many fewer yellow larval cases this spring so the lack of adults isn't surprising.  Has anyone else noticed the lack of 5-spot burnets, or is it just on Ffos Las?


  1. Interestingly here at Saron, Llandsul the Burnets have been plentiful this year - particularly in July.

    1. The largest number seen on one of my 4.5 mile circular walks was 44 on 18/6, this dropped to 11 the following day and the next highest count was 16 on 3/7 since when I have only rarely seen one. A catastrophic reduction compared to 2013.
      I wonder what other people have found and if Saron or Ffos Las are the norm for this year.