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Thursday, 27 August 2015

`November in August`

Quite a few red admirals and two painted ladies in the garden during yesterday afternoon`s sunshine, perhaps indicating some migrant activity. If so, it did n`t translate into any interesting moth arrivals (though there was a silver y and a rush veneer). The traps were absolutely sodden this morning, after last night`s heavy rain, and the windy/cool conditions resulted in mediocre variety.
The persistently poor weather has meant the cancellation of planned `away from home traps` -it`s like November in August!

                                                 Above: one of yesterday`s painted ladies.


  1. Bad luck, Ian - very well done for trying! Trapping at Cwmllwyd tonight.

  2. Well I did trap, but not worthy of a blog! 22 moths of 12 species. Best were 2 x Oblique Carpet and a Beautiful Plume.

  3. Sorry to hear, Steve. I almost was going to put some traps out last night - I`d even loaded the car up with the traps, but I saw the wind blowing in the trees etc and noted the clear skies and decided not to. Hearing the wind and rain last night, I was glad that I did n`t. It`s absolutely awful mothing weather. I hope that the weather improves before the annual Moth Night/s (10-12 Sept, this year).