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Thursday, 20 August 2015

More of the same....and a little bit different too.

Frustratingly, the wet weather, either at `putting out time` or when I collect the following morning, has put me off trapping away from home during the last week or so. Consequently, only a couple of garden traps went out last night and, as with Chris (see preceding blog), there was a lot of repeat records of regular moths.
Luckily, the micros added some interest for me, even though most were common such as the Mompha locuptella, shown immediately below.

Further interest was provided by the pyralid Phycitodes binaevella  and a second Carmarthenshire record of Hypsopygia (Orthopygia) glaucinalis, which follows Barry Stewart`s record made at NBGW earlier this summer.

                                                Above: Phycitodes binaevella.
                                                 Above: Hypsopygia glaucinalis.

A FFY rosy rustic was joined by early canary thorns and a dusky thorn, while the individual below looks like a Svensson`s copper underwing. Note the markedly contrasting white tips to the palps - a front view would have been better, but it flew off! It`s proboscis is extended, as it has just had a drink of water.

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