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Thursday, 13 August 2015


Didn't see any. The sky was overcast, so the Perseids were a no show, but conditions were perfect for mothing. The MV at Cwmllwyd attracted 222 moths of 55 species, including 15 FFYs. Highlights were Oblique Carpet, Scalloped Hook-tip and Slender Brindle.

 Oblique Carpet

 Scalloped Hook-tip

Slender Brindle

16 x Magpie Moths seemed a surprisingly high count, as was 8 x Coxcomb Prominent, 6 x Buff Footman and 4 x Small Fan-footed Wave, while among the micros were 8 x Mother of Pearl and 6 x Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix. May I display a micro pic and beg correction, or confirmation of ID, please?

Acleris aspersana?

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  1. Yes, conditions - as predicted by the Met Office - were perfect for trapping. I had lots of moths and several `goodies` at the garden traps. Will blog when I get the opportunity. Nice photos Steve.