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Monday, 17 August 2015

Medium rare Median rare Tort

Another lunchtime session of micro hunting at Butterfly Conservation's Median Farm reserve produced a haul of 16 spp of micro and 2 spp of macro.  Top billing goes to my first ever Pammene populana which was flying in afternoon sunshine close to a small Salix cinerea in the marshy field SE of the farmhouse.  Although this isn't as rare as my last Median rare Tortricid (Dichrorampha sylvicolana), it's described as Local in the Micros Field Guide and has only 3 previous Carms records (see Ian's blog post on 4th August). 

Bizarrely, Devon Carpet was the commonest moth, with 4 individuals disturbed from the hedges.  Supporting cast included my first Acleris emargana of the year, a Schrekensteinia festaliella, three Leucoptera laburnella and 4 spp of Phyllonorycter.

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  1. Excellent work again Sam, I've never seen that one. We'll have to get a full species list for Median and Caeau Ffos Fach from you in the winter.