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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Life still exists on Ffos Las

The long delay in posts from Ffos Las is due to extra Granny duties ( grandson, nearly 6, broke collar bone) and Norton antivirus crashing my computer early July and their engineers causing problems with my photography programmes which I have only just managed to resolve myself.  I have signed up for Windows 10 and hope that resolves all other registry problems and malfunctioning programmes which now exist, as Norton have assured my that my issue has been sent to the highest level for resolution and I am still waiting since 5th July!!

Having got that rant off my chest, I can think of happier things such as moths, butterflies and dragonflies...
Shaded broad bar, 18th July
Brown China mark, 18th July
Emerald damselfly, 18th July, my first sighting of the year.
A male Southern hawker, 18th July, again my first sighting of the year.
Help please in identifying this poor photo of what appears to be some form of carpet moth, 20th July.
(Help No1)
A very battered emperor which I watched for 20 minutes before it settled for me to photograph, 22nd July.
Is this a Crambus perlella? 30th July, (Help No2)
Help No3
Another carpet moth, Help No4
As always, corrections and identifications gratefully received.


  1. 1. Blue-bordered Carpet
    2. looks more like Agriphila straminella
    3. Agriphila straminella
    4. Common Carpet

  2. Thank you for the info, Barry. I appear to be getting worse at identification rather than better as I couldn't even get the common carpet right!!