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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Latest moth trapping....

As well as putting out the `home trap` at Tyrwaun, Pwll on Sunday evening (23/8), I also left three `mobile actinics` out at various Pembrey locations - one on the southern arm of dry dunes (`Pembrey Burrows - S`), another at the junction of the northern dune arm and Pembrey Saltings (`Pembrey Burrows- N`) and a third at Penybedd Wood, a small satellite plantation a little distance inland.
Conditions were not optimum (I retrospectively wish that I`d trapped on Saturday evening) but some useful records were made.
At the home trap, an old lady moth was a nice surprise and the best of the macros. Also noted among the microlepidoptera were diamond-back moth, Caloptila stigmatella, Ypsolopha sequella and Dioryctria abietella. Apart from the diamond-back moth, there was a rush veneer and a single silver y as representative migrants.
                                         Above: an old lady, looking gloomy in its sombre attire.
Above: a fresh-looking Dioryctria abietella. I`ve also caught and photographed the related and rarer D. sylvestrella in my home trap once in the recent past.
                                                  Above: Ypsolopha sequella.
                                           Above: the migrant micro, Plutella xylostella.
At Penybedd Wood, there was a surprising paucity of moths but a Devon carpet and the micro Elasticha atricomella were compensation.
                                                            Above: Devon carpet.
                   Above: believed to be Elasticha atricomella (please confirm or correct).
The trap left at the saltmarsh edge (right next to but not visible from the busy Wales Coast Path/Sustrans cycletrack) was also rather disappointing with rather few moths - rosy rustics, purple bar, two yellow belles and many of what I believe is Cochylis atricapitata.
                                                     Above: Cochylis atricapitata?
                                                                Above: yellow belle.

Cochylis atricapitata was frequent too at the `Pembrey Burrows- S` trap, here accompanied by many hedge rustics ( a local and scarce moth on the adjacent acidic coalfield of SE Carms), plenty of rosy rustics, several Archer`s darts and a single white-line dart; another yellow belle was also present. The best moth, though, was a solitary bordered straw.
                                                                Above: hedge rustic.
 Above: initially thought to be an Archer`s dart by the recorder, it is now considered to be a very pale form of white-line dart (see Barry Stewart`s remarks in the comments section below). A more typical, darker (but rather worn) form of white-line dart was also caught (but not photographed). The photo below is of an Archer`s dart from the very same catch. Note the big and bold `teeth` marks in the middle of the moth`s back and the thinner, but well-marked, row of `arrowheads` towards the outer edge.

                                                          Above: Archer`s dart.
                           Above: bordered straw. It`s nice to have a half-decent migrant!


  1. Some very nice records Ian, you're good at spotting windows of opportunity! The Archer's Dart looks like White-line to me.

  2. Thanks Barry. I`ve taken note of your comment in the modified main text above.