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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Last night at Pwll....

I had less success last night than Sam at Brechfa, with only about twenty or so species, and in small numbers. A fresh-looking male four-spotted footman was pleasing, as was a handsome Cydia splendana, though I got initially confused (silly me!) with the numbering of the plates in Chris Manley`s new book, as the number for a different imported species is the same as the photo for C. splendana!
Blastobasis adjustella was in last night`s trap and quite a few too, in contrast to the other species present, as was the super-skinny Bactrachedra praeangusta and a Swammerdamia sp. (to be looked at and photographed later).

                         Above: last night`s male four-spotted footman at Tyrwaun, Pwll.

                                                      Above: Cydia splendana.

It may be worth putting the traps out tonight - the winds are changing to southerly after midnight.

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