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Sunday, 16 August 2015

brief NBGW bits

Most of my books are packed up for moving; does anyone know if these spun-together Hawthorn berries are a sign of Grapholita janthinana or some other moth?

Our visit to the Botanic Garden today also produced a Scaeva selenitica along with various other commoner Hoverflies.


  1. Yes, that's exactly what janthinana does. A good year for selenitica it seems, though I've still only seen two.

  2. I`ll keep a look-out re the rose hips.

  3. Correction saw my 3rd S. selenitica on Rock Samphire by the '360 Cafe' on Swansea beach front today, along with lots of S. pyrastri and a very smart male Villa modesta.

  4. PS. Ian it's rose-hips for tenebrosana and haws for janthinana, but as Sam pointed out last year you need to check the rose-hip mines aren't dipterous by opening them up.

  5. ....I should have read Sam`s preceding text! Thanks.
    Villa modesta is nice - only seen it once, about 30 years ago.