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Friday, 28 August 2015

A Lean Week at Maenol

I managed to put a small actinic trap out on Monday night which, along with the porch light, attracted about 50 moths of 20 spp, the only notable one being this large Pug:

It seems a bit large for a Currant Pug, which I had earlier this summer.  The alternative seems to be Wormwood, albeit rather a late one.

The window in my woodshed continues to attract small moths, two more Borkhausenia fuscens turned up this week, along with a slightly larger brown/black speckled species, which I suspect is  a Tineid and probably not identifiable, but here's a couple of photos in case anyone recognises it:

This week has been something of an anticlimax after 24 hours on Skomer last Friday/Saturday with members of the Pembrokeshire Moth Group.  Seven traps set in fairly ideal conditions on Friday night, following a stroll around the potential trapping sites in the afternoon, produced a count of over 1200 moths of 107 spp.  No unusual migrants unfortunately, but numerous species which were new to me including Square-spot Dart, of which 239 were recorded.


  1. Looks as though I'm having to respond to my own post! I wonder whether the brown supposed Tineid could be the Brown-dotted Clothes moth Niditinea fuscella. The illustrations I've seen are similar, and the woodshed is quite close to the hen-hut which is a possible breeding place for the species.

  2. Another alternative on your Pug would be Bleached, as it does look rather pale, but the white dots look pretty prominent and the black discal spot isn't especially huge. It probably is just a Wormwood.

    Niditinea fuscella looks like the right ID for your Tineid. There are 5 previous Carms records.

    1. Thank you Sam, shortly after I'd posted the above I visited the woodshed and found another N.fuscella. It's been very productive this year, has that shed!