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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A few leaf mines

These were collected on the last occasion that I went out (see previous blog), to the area E of Burry Port/Ashpits Pond.

                                  Above: on Alnus incana - ? Phyllonorycter strigulatella.
                                       Above: again Alnus incana, but what is the blotch mine?
                                             Above: on Ulmus glabra - ?Stigmella sp.

                                         Comments and corrections welcomed - thanks.


  1. Is the upper leaf not Elm, in which case it will be tristrigella?

  2. The bottom one looks like S. lemniscella, but not 100%

  3. The upper leaf is indeed elm. I`d rushed to photo them yesterday evening and mixed up the pics - and, I did precisely the same mistake either last year or the year before, mixing up elm/grey alder leaves (even though they are distinct!). A case of `not seeing the leaf for the mine`! Thanks Barry.

  4. The middle one looks like a sawfly mine