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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A different day at Carmel

I returned to the Carmel Bogs to look for Biselachista serratella, but 10 minutes of searching Eriophorum/Carex pools and sweeping bog vegetation failed to produce any; indeed I saw no moths at all.  I suspect the flight season has ended for that species.

Further searching of the sizable Goldenrod stands on the WTSWW land also produced nada, and even beating trees was desperately slow.  This was in stark contrast to Median Farm yesterday, when every tap of a tree produced a Micro or two.  I wonder whether the cold night and hot day combined to reduce numbers.  Anyway, a few of the 12 species I found were new for the site, and Argyresthia retinella and A. semifusca were new for SN51.  If I'm correct in thinking this Tortricid is a form of Epinotia ramella then that's new for SN51 as well.

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