Sunday, 9 August 2015

A bit more brownfield....

I decided yesterday afternoon (8/8), to make a quick visit to a brownfield site immediately SW of Burry Port that is only 5 mins from my home. Among the moths seen was this Cnephasia, which I`ll retain so that its true identity can be confirmed by dissection - it seems, perhaps, to have the look of C. conspersana or asseclana, but until it is truly determined, that is wholly speculative.

Also seen was this little gelechiid? (shown below), which I`ll also retain, unless there are forthcoming suggestions of possibilties - apologies for the poor photo.

I also had Grapholita compositella, a distinctive little tortricid and another poor photo!

Later, I popped to the nearby Ashpits Pond woodland, where mindful of `good finds` of leaf mines on dogwood by George Tordoff near Cardiff recently, I had a look around and found the mine below (only on shaded leaves). Unfortunately, it was n`t of moth interest, but rather the fly Phytomyza agromyzina - drat!

I also had the mine shown below on Anthyllis vulneraria - any idea please? Note the rust too.


  1. The Gelechiid looks to have a red head, making it Apodia bifractella.

  2. I think the mine on Kidney Vetch is dipterous

  3. It does indeed have a gingery-red head - thanks Dave....and George.

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  6. Why the above appeared three times, I don`t know! Anyway (and hoping this comment does n`t repeat!) - I went to my list to write down the above gelechiid suggestion, and happily noted that I had the same name already written....I`m getting there slowly!