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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

very, very small

A brief session of roadside beating & sweeping at Cynghordy Viaduct (SN798403) on my way home this afternoon produced 13 spp of Micro and 3 mundane Macros.  Highlight was an adult Stigmella betulicola swept from a clump of very young birch on a wide road verge.  Despite its very, very small size it shows the suite of features: mix of yellow & fuscous scales on the head, white eyecaps, very slightly shiny white fascia beyond mid-wing, darker area beyond the fascia, and indistinct cilia.  Supporting cast included a male Coleophora lutipenella from oak, a couple of Carcina quercana, several Argyresthia goedartella and an A. retinella.  This was an entirely blank tetrad until today, so everything was new!

1 comment:

  1. Shows what can be achieved by daytime recording, albeit by an experienced recorder. Well done, Sam.