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Monday, 13 July 2015

Two Queries from Friday Night

Friday night, conditions good for the two actinics but a fairly modest return, mostly the usual suspects but FFYs Minor Shoulder-knot, Slender Brindle, and the plume Gillmeria pallidactyla. Worthy of note: several Double Darts, and 3 Eudonia delunella.  One pug that I cannot name for sure, possibly either Juniper or Double-striped:

This micro is, I think, Swammerdamia pyrella, on the basis of the slight coppery fringe at the termen:

I'm booked to attend Dave Grundy's course at FSC Orielton this weekend, so a slight improvement in my micro identification abilities might be expected thereafter - perhaps!


  1. It's Double-striped and yes, that looks good for S. pyrella.

  2. Thanks George, I'm grateful, the photos weren't exactly brilliant but I thought that they might suffice.