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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

That plume again....

I`ve been re-looking at that `tansy/yarrow` plume, caught at Machynys over the weekend, at a site where both food-plants are very frequent. I had been confused as to the i/d, as the general coloration of the hind legs suggested yarrow plume (ie no banding), but the issue of `palp v facial tuft relative lengths` was confusing matters in that I previously thought that the palps did not exceed the length of the facial tuft.
The difference between the species (in terms of the above) is:
Yarrow plume - labial palps protrude slightly beyond facial tuft.
Tansy plume - labial palps do not protrude beyond facial tuft.

Note the `slightly` above - not (eg) `markedly` or whatever, hence my confusion. Another (poor) photo is given below (and there are photos in my very recent blog* too).
My present view - and advised so by Barry (thanks again) - is that it is a yarrow plume.

          Above: side view of the dead plume - do n`t confuse the proboscis with the palps

* ...if anyone wants to kindly also comment on the two torts on my previous recent `plume blog` - please do!
PS - had small mottled willow in my previous home trap, but nothing more exciting `from abroad`!

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  1. Since it is dead, it is probably simpler to get it dissected.