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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Some truely dreadful photos...

Apologies for the quality of the photos, but sometimes its all that I can get to try to identify moths new to me when out in the field without nets, traps or fridges!! All the sightings are from Ffos Las.

Beautiful china mark, 11th June
Is this a green carpet? 16th June
I was green with envy when several people posted pictures of green hairstreaks a couple of weeks ago as I had never seen one, so I was delighted to see this on 18th June.  Again, rubbish picture.

At last a better photo! Saw my first 3 golden ringed dragonflies on 18th June.
First 2 black tailed skimmers seen on 18th June.
Can anyone identify this cocoon? It is well defended within a webbing mesh with an exit hole at the top, 27th June.
Another crummy photo.  Is this a dingy shell?  27th June.
I've identified this as an oak eggar caterpillar from George's comment on Isabel's post of 22nd June, this was taken 27th June.
I saw my first marbled white of the year on Ffos Las on 27th June.  There were several fluttering around Pembrey CP on Sunday. This photo was taken 29th June.

Saw this stunning moth on my walk today (1st July). The closest that I can get to identify it is the common purple and gold, but in the pictures in both of my I/D books that species doesn't have the additional vertical pale streaks on the hind wings above the horizontal cold bar.  Help please!! (There is also incidentally an insect emerging from a larval form on the grass stem to the left of the moth.)


  1. Maggie all your id's are spot on apart from the last one which is a Pyraustra, but you need to see the underside to identify it to species

  2. Ps. Not sure about cocoon thing but suspect spiders at work?

  3. Thanks, Barry. I too did suspect spiders at first, but the cocoon? isn't trussed as spider's victims usually are and it's surface doesn't appear to be of mesh. There is definitely an opening in the top of the webbing for escape which can't be seen in the photo as it is cropped to reduce file size. The photo was taken on 27th June and there is no change in appearance today (1st July). I shall certainly be keeping a close eye on it to notice any changes or consumption!!

  4. Your photos from your walks at Ffos Las are actually rather inspiring - so what if you show a few which are obviously for records of what was seen, or for ID purposes back at home - we all do that, don't we? I very much enjoy seeing your posts of all the varied wildlife that you encounter and I know how difficult it is to always get a great shot in the field. That's why most of my moth pics are taken indoors, on a piece of roofing slate, on the window ledge. Please keep those photos coming!

    1. Thank you Steve for the encouragement. This afternoon is definitely not photography weather, and I doubt that any self respecting Lepidoptera are on the wing, so the dog and I are staying closer to home!!