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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Shark seen on Pwll coast...

Even though the forecast for last night (15/7) was rather cool and clear ie not promising, I put out a trap at home...just in case, as they say, especially as I flushed about twenty silver y`s on my short walk the previous afternoon.
In the event, the only migrants in the trap were four rush veneers and not one silver y, even though, as just mentioned, I`d seen them in nearby grassland during daytime. It was the resident moths who made up the c.25 species, including a shark (my second this year of this local moth) and FFYs marbled green and broad-bordered yellow underwing. The forecast looks better for trapping tonight.

                                                              Above: shark.
                                                             Above: marbled green.                                          
                                   Above: plain golden y, with the `y-mark` conjoined.


  1. Hi Ian, Looks more like Plain Golden Y to me.

  2. Can`t you make it into a rare African plusia for me Dave? I`ll buy you a pint!
    I can clearly see that it`s plain rather than beautiful now....I was just obsessed with the joined `comma` - I`ll tweek the caption.