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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Quick post: two caterpillars from near Burry Port

A quick walk this afternoon resulted in the finding of two caterpillars (as well as various moth sightings) - a particularly colourful caterpillar on bramble and a camouflaged one swept from restharrow.

                                                    Above:  yellow-tail caterpillar.
                                           Above: this looks like a bordered sallow to me.

A `long shot`, but can anyone suggest what is the caterpillar shown in the photo below please? It was lurking behind the folded edge of a leaf of common buckthorn Rhamnus cartharticus (which is rare in Carmarthenshire) at Seaside, Llanelli.

Not a moth, but perhaps of interest - the white leafhopper shown below is frequent on planted grey poplars Populus x canescens around Llanelli (and it also said to occur elsewhere on white poplar P. alba). It is very easily beaten from these trees locally at present, the individuals being quite passive and easily caught - it is Idiocerus albicans (confirmed by the National Recorder). The NBN Gateway map only shows rather few records for E & SE England, though I read somewhere that it has been seen in North Wales - it is almost certainly on grey and white poplars elsewhere in South Wales - have a bash on your neighbourhood poplar!


  1. The first one looks like Yellow-tail, though it seems a bit late as the adults should be flying now. Sorry can't help with the others.

    Will keep an eye out for the hopper!

  2. Yes that's Bordered Sallow, but the micro larvae will remain a mystery I fear, unless your rear it of course, then it will prob turn out being Epiphyas!

  3. PS. I've been beating Rhamnus today - nothing surprising.

  4. Well, well! Thanks George (re the yellow-tail det, which I`ll change on the caption). I was so `mentally pre-channeled` (not challenged!) in terms of i/d and in thinking that it was either the more frequent dark/grey dagger that it led me astray, as it were. I was wondering why it would n`t `fit` perfectly into dark dagger, hence my `?` on my original caption.
    Thanks too, Barry re the Rhamnus caterpillar....I did n`t have high expectations of a det!