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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Peas on the Carmarthenshire breakfast menu - again!

It`s extremely likely - I would suggest - that the cream-bordered green pea is now established in the willowy areas of the west Llanelli area in SE Carmarthenshire. Note the yellowish termen, as in the Cornish population. Garden trap at Tyrwaun, Pwll last night (19/7).

Above: this week`s Radio Times - Lucy Worsley and the cream-bordered green pea...both very nice indeed!
                                                  Above: close-up of the latest one!

Also in the garden this Blastobasis laticolella please? (see below):

               Above: can anyone help re the i/d of this small, stocky tortricid type please?

        Above: ready for a tickle?....a male clay, showing the black lower abdomen.


  1. You're building a decent case for a breeding population, Ian, congratulations.

  2. Well done Ian - that's a nice surprise, though I was more astonished that anyone still buys the Radio Times ;-)

  3. Yes, lacticolella. The tort looks like a worn Ditula angustiorana.