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Sunday, 19 July 2015

`Over the border`

Over the border in Glamorgan, but exactly south of my house, Paul Sperinck saw this hummingbird hawk-moth at Whiteford yesterday (18/7). I did not see one last year, nor have I seen one in 2015 - I don`t think that they exist anymore!

"I`m still waiting"....mothless Buddleja. I thought that I`d better check my garden, but no sign of the blighters.


  1. Successfully downed by the recently installed 'Glamorgan-migrant-moth-grounding-shield' ... you can stare as long as you like at that Buddleia!

  2. PS nice record by Paul as there have not been too many sightings so far this year

  3. Sorry Ian, I've had 2 in Carms this year so i can confirm they still exist...

  4. Drat and double drat - back to the drawing board!