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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Not much at Pwll last night....

I only put out an actinic trap at the bottom of the garden last night, as the forecast was light rain and quite windy (a south-westerly, rather than southerly with `migrant potential`). The rain, when I checked the trap this morning was not particularly heavy, but a drizzle and, given the moth numbers and variety that were caught, it was n`t really worth trapping.
I caught a beautiful hook-tip again (or, possibly, a re-capture of another caught very recently) and also what I think may be a wood carpet (in terms of larger size and patterning).
                                 Above: beautiful hook-tip, staying placid for a photo on a fern frond.
                                            Above: wood carpet...please correct me if wrong.

Two ermines were caught - a bird-cherry ermine (which may have been migratory in origin) and the larger thistle ermine (a pyralid).

                                       Above: two ermines - bird-cherry and thistle ermine.


  1. Well we have Robinson, Heath & Skinner traps, but I can't wait to see the Morgan Trap prototype!

  2. There`s no TRAP prototype.....just the cover!
    As for the `Morgan Trap`, remember that Whiteford lighthouse is owned by Carms CC (a hark-back to the days when Llanelli was an active port - the Port Authority built it). I think that I`ll certainly take it over soon and put an end to all those `nuisance good records` that you`re getting on Gower! A conveyer belt will take the moths from my super-trap, atop the lighthouse, to my Pwll HQ.

  3. Well, surely you can't be too disappointed with Beautiful Hook-tip and Wood Carpet! I think the latter looks ok but it's hard to be sure from a photo - size is as good a guide as anything, they always seem to be a bit bigger than Common. I haven't seen one for years.

  4. It was wood carpet size - that`s what alerted me in the first place, fitting the illustration in Townsend et al perfectly.