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Thursday, 30 July 2015


At a brownfield site at Bynea, Llanelli this afternoon (30/7) a clouded yellow, two red admirals and the migrant hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri - things may be moving ie moth migrants may be on the way. Also various micros including a TINY plume moth that seems to be the hemp agrimony plume Adaina microdactyla, though it needs further checking.
                            Above: the tiny plume-moth - about <1cm across in this photo.
              Above: the Bynea brownfield site, flower-rich with marjoram in foreground.
                              Above: Grapholita compositella was among the micros caught.

Below: three leaf mines on a birch at Bynea - i/d`s welcome!


  1. The 1st and 3rd ones look like Lyonetia clerkella - long and sinuous. The middle one looks like the work of a Stigmella, but not sure which one.

  2. The frass looks dispersed in the Stigmella mine (rather than linear), there are no clear margins along the frass, and the moth has emerged already: all this suggests to me it's Stigmella continuella (judging by the MBGBI key). I agree the others are Lyonetia - thankyou George :-)

  3. ....and thank you both - Ian.