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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

More to come later....

....but I thought that I should post this photo of a presumed migrant, caught at Tyrwaun, Pwll (30/6). I would have preferred that it was n`t a migrant and it was a locally-wandering resident (there`s a huge amount of mixed Salix plantings in the adjacent Millennium Coastal Park) but one was also caught in Cornwall last night. It is, of course, a cream-bordered green pea.
Had six traps out last night, plenty of moths and good variety, with some very useful records being made, but no other migrants - not even any common species....I`m still waiting but will try again tonight.
Will hopefully post the rest of last night`s captures, with pics, later today.

The trapping conditions are looking good tonight, so certainly again worth trying. It`ll be my last night of this series of four consecutive trapping nights, as - thankfully! - it looks clear and cooler on Thursday night.


  1. That's an intriguing coincidence, given your Cream-bordered Green Pea last year coinciding with migrants in Cornwall. Many of my species here last night come from wetlands (including 1000s of Caddis and 100s of Mayflies and Corixids), and I think there was large-scale wandering of moths in Wales. Yours could easily be from a localish population, perhaps just across the water in England or perhaps from SE Pembs.

  2. Why not even more local? There`s acres of willows/osiers in the MCPk just east of Burry Port and there`s a long-term history of basketry (with lots of locally scarce willows etc) in the Lower Gwendraeth Valley....or as you say, perhaps not quite so local. Ongoing recording may eventually resolve it.
    The recent perfect muggy and mothy nights do indeed induce moths to disperse - I too get species that I don`t normally/regularly catch.

  3. You're the Man when it comes to C-b G Peas - respect!

  4. I harvested all my green peas last week, knew it would be a bad omen. Had to make do with the poor man's version last night: Green Silver-lines. Nice enough though.

  5. Morgan-the-Pea does it again - I'm green with envy!