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Friday, 3 July 2015

Micro ID help needed please

Of the 30+ micros I got on the 30th I am struggling to ID several. These are below and any help would be very much appreciated.I apologise for the quality of the photos. I've added names (Sam)

Moth 1 - is this Eudonia mercurella? Scoparia ambigualis

Moth 2 - is this Lobesia abscisana? Celypha lacunana, note the pale mark across the dark central band

Moth 3 - is this the Bramble Shoot Moth? Yes

Moth 4 - is this a worn Agapeta hamana Yes

Moth 5 - an Apotomis? Hedya nubiferana

Moth 6 -  Tortricidae family? No, it's the Pyralid Chrysoteuchia culmella, note the 90 degree band near the wing-tip

Moth 7 - ? Eupoecila angustana

Moth 8 -  Tortricidae family? I think it's a Small Dotted Buff
Moth 9 - Elachista sp. probably apicipunctella but its head looks wet and I'm not sure it's IDable

Moth 10 -  ? The uncommon woodland Pyralid Cryptoblabes bisgtriga

Moth 11 - ? Coleophora sp.

Moth 12 - Eudonia lacustrata? Yes


  1. Thanks Sam, much appreciated.

  2. Interesting...I'd definitely have called No 1 mercurella. Maybe I've been getting these wrong...