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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Maenol last Night

'Striking whilst the iron's hot' is all very well, Ian, but some of us have other irons in the fire and I can't afford to spend another day sorting through another multitude of moths, at least not for a day or two.  In any case, it's pouring with rain here!  Last night was very worthwhile though, with three new records for the homestead in Small Elephant hawk,  Red-necked Footman and Beautiful Snout, also Four-dotted Footman and Green Silver-lines, neither of which I've seen for some time.  Amongst the micros was one which looks much the same as Ian's Eucosma hohenwartiana, pictures posted for confirmation if you happen to see this blog, George.

Finally a very interesting-looking insect which I assume is a Caddis, but if so it's unusual in being black with distinctive white markings.  I've no information on Caddis Flies, but if anyone has perhaps they would be kind enough to look this one up.


  1. There are dark streaks on the pale dorsal blotch, so that's Eucosma cana rather than the less common E hohenwartiana.

    I had 10s of those black & white caddis last night; wish I knew what they are!

  2. Thanks Sam. Someone's got to know their caddis flies!

  3. Athripsodes, those a white head being albifrons

  4. PS. The ones with black heads are (like this one) are bilineata