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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Last Thursday`s micros - part 1.

Last Thursday night (16/7) offered great moth trapping conditions and I`m regretting now that I did not take my traps out `on site`, after reading of the fantastic results that were achieved by members of the Glamorgan Moth Group who did just that - have a look at the relevant postings on their blog (link to the right).
With the varied and decent haul of macros that I did catch in my Tyrwaun, Pwll garden traps on that night, there were quite a few micros. I offer the first tranche of captures and would welcome the usual confirmation or corrections from more expert moth`ers please; they are numbered for ease of reference. Thanks.

                                       1. above: Argyresthia  bonnetella (det GMT).
                               2. above: is this the spruce bud moth Zeiraphera ratzburgiana?
                                                 3. above: Blastodacna hellerella?
                                                    4. above: Blastobasis adustella?
                                                   5. Teliodes vulgella (det SDSB & GMT).
                         6. Batia lunaris? - fits the size of this sp., rather than B. lambdella.


  1. No books here in Mons, but I think one of those is Teleiodes vulgella - black vertical bar on greyish wing. Batia is nice!

  2. Looks like bonnetella. Agree with all your others, and with Sam's ID of No 5.