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Sunday, 12 July 2015

ID help please!

Thursday produced over 50 species of macro and over 20 of micro. Help with identifying three of these below would be much appreciated.

Walking in the woods today I saw a Beautiful Snout and in the fields were lots of 5-spot Burnet moths - I need to work out which species these are and will photograph them when I can. I also saw a Humming-bird Hawk-moth. 

Photo 1 - Acleris bergmanniana?

Photo 2 - Elachista canapennella ?

Photo 3 - Crambidae family?


  1. The Elachista is E atricomella - not in the Fieldguide I suspect but reasonably frequent. Dark head and shape of white markings on black background are characteristic.

    The Pyralid is Pyrausta despicata, which has a knack of looking exciting! (at least, I hope it isn't sticticalis...)

  2. Thanks Sam, assume Phot 1 is Acleris bergmanniana?