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Sunday, 5 July 2015

I missed the boat (on Friday night)....

I`ve been kicking myself for not bothering to trap on Friday night, but the relevant weather forecast of torrential rain and very strong gusty wind put me off. In the event, we only experienced some rather light showers - and it looked ideal for moth trapping. Feeling still rather tired after trapping for several nights earlier in the week and after two very busy days, I thought I could leave it for Saturday (last night, 4/7), as the forecast for that night looked fairly reasonable.
As it happened, those who sensibly did trap (eg see Barry Stewart`s results at nearby Gorseinon on the Glamorgan moth blog), had very good results indeed, with a lot of `moth wandering` and dispersal in evidence - the sort of night when you catch something different for a change in your well-worked home trap.
When Saturday evening arrived, conditions appeared rather mediocre to me, with clear skies and lacking that `closeness` balmy humidity of previous nights, so I called off any plans to trap away from home and only set up the trap in the garden.
The catch this morning (at Tyrwaun, Pwll) was quite mundane - some 50+ species, but all (or mostly) rather regular moths. Some have been having a good year (eg small yellow wave, double line, eyed hawk-moth - 4 in last night`s trap etc).

                                                       Above: small yellow wave.
                                                          Above: beautiful golden y.
                               Above: an easy `grass moth` (for a change!) - Catopria pinella.
                                                 Above: Lozotaenoides formosa


  1. Great pictures, Ian: is that the new camera? There's been wandering at Cwmllwyd, too, with Common Heath and Scarlet Tiger on consecutive days.

  2. Last one is Lozotaenoides formosana (also a pine feeder)

  3. Thanks George - no wonder I could n`t decide which of the Rhyacionia`s it was! It`s a pity that the `Loz` and `Rhycs` are n`t on the same page to aid i/d for plonkers like me! I`ll change the caption on the pic.
    Steve - no it`s the old one! I`ve still to start on the new camera....I`ll have to `prepare myself` for any new technology. These pics are edited/cropped with Picassa - after George kindly advised me.