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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Help needed please

Some more good catches over the last couple of days but nothing of significant note. Help with the following would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Photo 1 - is this one Momphidae - Mompha conturbatella? It's M lacteella, with a grubby head and mostly non-white dorsum.  Sally emailed me more photos and I have added one more here. Sam B

Photo 2 - caddisfly or moth? Very tiny- around 1-2 mm.

Photo 3 - Pyralidae - no 90 degree band I can see clearly at wing tip or is it worn?


  1. 1. - looks like that at first glance, but please await more expert comments. 2. It looks like one of those bronzey-green Coleophora`s (eg frischella - though not suggesting it`s that species), but technical confirmation is needed - something to do with antennal ring colours etc, IF I remember correctly. 3.Looks like a worn C. culmella to me...there is a vague `right-angle` near the hind margin.

  2. Yes that's C. culmella, the middle one is Coleophora mayrella and the Mompha looks good for M. conturbatella, but these are tricky and I'm not sure.

  3. I don't think it's M conturbatella I'm afraid. I've only seen it once but it was really distinctive and very different to the other Momphids. It's one of M propinquella (probably not white-headed enough), M lacteella, M divisella (probably too dark along the costa) or M bradleyi. I suspect it's M lacteella - do you have any more photos Sally?

  4. Thanks all. I have another photo Sam which I will email you as not sure if I can add photo to comment or another to original post?