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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Help needed here too please...

Does anyone know what the moth above is please? Photo taken 3rd July
Here is another picture of my mystery cocoon?, but this time the opening at the top of the protective webbing can clearly be seen.  It doesn't look like the spiders' webs on the gorse bushes which are mainly planar going down to a funnel in the middle. This photo was taken 3rd July and shows no change from when I first saw it on 27th June. I will be most frustrated if whatever is inside has hatched and gone and I never find out what it is!
The Depressaria daucella caterpillars are appearing again this year on the hemlock water-dropwort.


  1. Celypha lacunana, but none-the-wiser with regard to your web sorry.

  2. What hatches might be very small - they could be Gorse Mites (have a look on Google).

    Celypha lacunana is much the commonest Micro on the wing at the moment, so please memorise that look everyone: the dark central band is almost split by a pale line (the lacuna).

  3. Thanks both. I'll certainly post if I ever find out what is in the web!