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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Grass moths and scoparids

If recorders need help regarding identification of the above, please consider using the following, both of which are really excellent aids:
Jon Baker`s articles in previous newsletters - July 2007 (No 8) - grass moths & Aug 2007 (No 9) - scoparids. You can access this via `Newsletters` on the right-hand side of this page, then clicking on `previous newsletters`.
`The Grass Moths of Berkshire` - see `Resources` also on the right.

....and, of course, you`ve got the Field Guide to Micromoths of GB & Ireland by Sterling & Parsons and the new book by Chris Manley (British Moths, 2nd Edition, 2015).


  1. I have got all these and go through several times for each micro but still really struggle with many! I just hope that with practice I will improve.

  2. You are doing exactly the right thing Sally - familiarity takes practice, though if you're like me, even after many years looking at micros you will still be stumped on a regular basis!