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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

FSC Orielton Experience

I returned yesterday from Dave Grundy's 3-day course on micro-moths, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who like myself is a relative newcomer to moth trapping and recording. Having never seen anyone else use a moth trap it was a revelation to see different types of trap and to benefit from the experiences of Dave himself and of my nine fellow 'students', most of whom were much more experienced than me.  On each of the three nights, Saturday through Tuesday, we set up several traps in the varied environment of Orielton, and on Sunday night 5 traps were set on the sand dunes at Freshwater West.  It rained that night but the MV and actinic traps survived and the catches were impressive - never again will I be afraid to subject my traps to wet conditions!

Needless to say there were many species caught that I hadn't seen before, and one that none of us (apart from Dave) had encountered: White Colon, caught in one of the traps on the sand dunes, apparently not recorded in Pembrokeshire for many years.


  1. I`m glad that you had a good and useful time Chris. I`ve seen white colon (at least once, possibly twice - can`t remember!) - at Machynys in the early 2000`s, and I`ve been hoping for another one at my nearby North Dock trap site, but no luck so far.

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