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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Ffos Las sightings

Bad weather and other commitments have prevented me from walking the full Ffos Las circuit for a few days, so this morning's sun was a great opportunity to get the walking boots on again.  As I feared in my last post, the mystery cocoon will forever remain a mystery as it had vanished completely, but I saw other things to delight and surprise.

These two snails obviously haven't read the gardening books which say to but sharp grit around tender plants as slugs and snails wont cross it. They were both high up a prickly thistle!
I can't find this moth in my reference books.  It appears to have a single faint spot on the wing.  Any ideas please?
This silver-Y alighted on several leaves before waiting long enough for me photograph it before flying off.
I saw my first common darter today.  This is a female.


  1. Looks like the grass moth Crambus perlella

  2. Thanks George. I looked at that as a possible ID but the illustration in Chris Manley's book didn't show the faint wing spot and the legs appear to be grey rather than white. I guess that there is a lot of natural variation and I know that some species of butterfly significantly change colour as they age, so I shouldn't surprise me that the same happens in moths. It does mean that it is very hard for a complete novice to identify anything apart from the blatantly obvious, so thanks again to you and everyone else who helps.