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Sunday, 12 July 2015

common migrants at Pembrey

I flushed more than 20 Rush veneer from flower-rich grassland at Pembrey CP today.  Most were very fresh-looking, and I wonder whether they might have bred locally rather than being primary migrants.  Having said that, Atropos and Twitter are reporting lots of migrants around the country, most notably an influx of Small Marbled.  Please trap if you can, but make sure it's waterproof!

My main highlight was an Argolamprotes micella on the fence of the playpark: the 4th Carms record of this distinctive Gelechid following 3 by Mel in the Llansteffan area.

A Eucosma campoliliana was resting on Ragwort alongside 1000s of Cinnabar larvae.  Unfortunately we arrived too late for the café/toilet block moths, and only 1 Brown Rustic and 1 Yellowtail remained.  This can be very productive early in the day.  All in all, a good range of mothy distractions during a day out with Bea and Johnny.

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  1. Well done re Argolamprotes - something I`ve been on the look-out for. I`ll probably trap at home tonight, as the current forecast is completely overcast, with hardly any rain.