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Friday, 3 July 2015

Bishops' Pond revisited

I returned to Bishops' Pond at lunchtime today to search for moths and other inverts.  It was a little disappointing, for reasons unknown, although I'm sure that an expert in Sciomyzid flies would find some rarities.  Best moths were the Tortricids Zeiraphera isertana beaten from Oak and Cydia janthinana netted as it flew actively around a Hawthorn.


The only wetland moths were a couple of Brown Chinamark, and I failed to find any soldierflies and very few hoverflies (Eristalinus sepulchralis was of vague interest).  I photographed a few other inverts for later identification: the Reed-beetle Donacia marginata feeds on Sparganium and has distinctive purple bands, and this very large Tephritid fly was common on Glyceria maxima and should be IDable when I refind my book [it wasn't, but Ian suggested Ulidiidae and further investigation showed my fly to be Melieria crassipennis, which is associated with Glyceria; NBN shows it has been found at Bishop's Pond before, but gives no other Carms sites].

Finally, I thought this dark-winged Limnephilid Caddis looked unfamiliar.  It appears to be Glyphotaelius pellucidus, which is relatively uncommon.  This Caddis website is worth a look:

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